Thursday, December 1, 2022

IELTS Preparation data Mediafire – IELTS Online Study

IELTS Preparation data Mediafire A lot of students around the world are worrying about taking IELTS test. I decided to collect all of the necessary data for IELTS. Here is IELTS Preparation data Mediafire link.  I am...

Oracle Database Interview Questions and Answers

Explain the difference between trigger and stored procedure. Trigger in act which is performed automatically before or after a event occur Stored procedure is a set of functionality which is executed when it is...
LED heat sensitive shower

Amazing Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is a place where the most important life decision is made. So bathroom should be comfortable. Here are most amazing bathroom accessories, which everyone wants to be in his...
Cartoon illustrating basic principle of PageRank. The size of each face is proportional to the total size of the other faces which are pointing to it.

List of High Page Rank Free Do-Follow Forums and Blogs

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google web search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of...

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

The basic purpose of keyboard shortcuts is to save time normally spent in navigating Windows using your mouse and keyboard. An action, such as opening a window, a menu or a...

Will My Laptop & Tablet Converge Into One Device?

Ten years ago, phones were simple. We made regular voice calls without the fancy ringtones or voice-activated controls. As technology advanced, the mobile phones developed into a smarter, all-in-one device that...

Valentine’s Day Facebook Smiley Chat Codes

Chat codes are the easiest way to send images in Facebook chat, they can be seen by anyone without the need of an extension and are easy to use and make. Now...

Copying posts of One Blog to another Blog

Copying posts of One Blog to another Blog The conventional method of copying and pasting from one blog to another blog is just copy the content of first blog to another blog...

How to change mac address Windows 7, Windows 8

How to Change MAC Address A lot of people who are newbie in the cyber world are worrying that how to change MAC Address in windows 7. There are many methods of...

Easy Made Hair Styles

Hairs of women represents her beauty and makes her attractive.Whenever you go for a party your hairstyle matters alot to look beautiful and elegant.Hair Styling is always a major interest of...

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