Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Facebook Is Down

Facebook appears to be down for many people. Users are getting an error message when they try to navigate to the site.   and some are getting following.
Sochi russia olympics 2014

Biggest Winter Olympics Ever – Sochi, Russia 2014

Officially the 22nd Winter Olympics a major multi-national and  international sports event being held in Sochi, Russia. The opening ceremony was on 6th Feburary and following competitions were held, figure skating, skiing,...

Rihanna was asked to leave Abu Dhabi mosque

After posing outside the building a vulgar photoshoot Pop star Rihanna was asked to leave a famous Abu Dhabi mosque complex. Rihanna performed live in the capital of the United Arab...

Jobs at NUST (SEECS)

Lab Engineer - Computer Science (SEECS) Last Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013   Job Ref #: Job/1514/09/19/2013  Age Limit: 20  - 40 Experience:   Posted Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013   Job Description: BE in Computer Science field from an HEC recognized university/institution in consultation with PEC...

Shahbaz Sharif Youth Internship Program 2013-14

On a budget of 2013-14 new schemes are  introduced by the Government  for the welfare of youth. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said in his budget speech in the National Assembly that, "In all...

Umer Akmal Can Play as Batsman

A few days before an outstanding and courageous batsman Umer Akmal suffered from epileptic fits, due to which PCB replaces him with another wicket-keeper and also there was a news that...

Latin American Group Hacked American App Magazine

On 3 September 2013,An American Technical magazine is being hacked by a Latin American group as a protest against system.Black team security posted an anti-governmental message,after spoiling the website of App Developer...

Shahid Afridi Angry on Vulgar Item Song Of Mahnoor & Mathira In Movie “Main...

Mathira and Mahnoor Baloach performed badly on item song, due to which they face criticism. On live tv show, Shahid Afridi was invited, anchor Fizza Ali and Abrar-UL-Haq congratulate him on great movie, he...

INDIA :A Shameless Fact – So Called Safe Country,But Can’t Protect Their Women

In India gang-rape is so common,recently five men brutally raped a woman photographer in India's  most famous city Mumbai.This sad incident occur to a 23-year old woman who was doing a...

Umer Akmal Suffered Epileptic Fit

Umer Akmal- An awesome batsman/wicket-keeper suffered an epileptic fit during a flight to Jamaica and before going to home spent a night in hospital. He is an outstanding batsman, his career is...

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