Umer Akmal Can Play as Batsman


A few days before an outstanding and courageous batsman Umer Akmal suffered from epileptic fits, due to which PCB replaces him with another wicket-keeper and also there was a news that again he is not able to play cricket for Pakistan.

After suffering from epileptic fits, the Pakistan Cricket board decided that Umer Akmal should go through further medical examination in Pakistan. He was under examination few days before in Lahore and Karachi. He was sent to Karachi for further examination under famous neurologist Dr Nadir, because he has better medical facilities according to the condition of Umer Akmal.

Today Dr Nadir sent a medical report to the board and said that: There is nothing to worry about Umer’s health, and further he said that he is able to perform as a batsman/wicket-keeper. Now he can play for Pakistan which is really good for Pakistan because no doubt he is a outstanding batsman.

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