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Android KitKat

Android is Linux based operating system designed for touch-screen mobiles.Now-a-days android phones are very popular in market,due to launch of android phone and its success in market,the “smartphone war” begins between different...

Top10 Beautifully Designed Android Apps on Google play

In early days of Android,its apps are criticized because of poor design.But now a days android apps are giving tough competition to the apps of other OS.This year android release best...

Huawei Ascend P6 – Thinnest Phone

Smart phone is now growing in thinner and thinner, every so often there is a phone call myself do the “world’s thinnest”, however Huawei Ascend P6 metal body and still achieve...

Kyocera Event Specs and Price – Virgin Mobile

Kyocera Event Kyocera Event has 3G data and is just similar to Kyocera Hydro and is not water proof quality like hydro. It is nice handset and can be considered reliable and handsome.  The...

Cheapest Android Smartphone in Pakistan – Android Mobiles in Pakistan

There is a common misconception about android cell phones that are very expensive, but in reality the market sis getting change. And due to completion in smartphones developing companies they have reduced their prices.  Here...

Google Cheapest Android Smartphone ( $50 Android Smartphone )

Google Cheapest Android Smartphone. Google has announced to launch a smartphone to that will be cheapest android smartphone of all times. Smart phone price would be approximately fifty dollars ($50) that is just equal...

Digital Tasbeeh v1.2 for Android

A very easy to use and attractive Digital Tasbeeh/Digital Tasbeeh Counter / Dhikr Counter / Zikr Counter. Increment a count with tap on big screen. Reset count to zero. Set count value back if...

Best Android Apps Of Year 2012 (year 2012 in review)

Building on its hard-earned success from the previous years, Google’s mobile operating system, Android, continued to maintain its position as a leading name in the business all throughout 2012. Apart from...

Motorola Fire: A really great phone at an awesome price

Recently Google announced to acquire Motorola Mobility- the mobile business of Motorola for a very handsome amount. This marks the exit of Motorola from the traditional handset market, but the brand...

Mosquito Killer Android Application

Description Do not let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor time and enjoy fresh air as long as you like in your choice of clothing. All what you need is this application running and...

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