What feature has WhatsApp introduced for its users?


WhatsApp is continually updating its features to make the user experience even better. One such feature that has been recently rolled out is the ability for users to forward media including images, videos, GIFs and documents while still retaining their captions. This feature is available via the Google Play Beta Program version and users can access this feature by installing the latest update of the app. Additionally, WhatsApp has also given the users the flexibility to remove the captions while forwarding the media if they choose to, which makes it more convenient for the users. This feature is aimed to make it easier for users to share media and communicate with friends and family.

Delete for me

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, has introduced a new feature that allows its users to undo mistakenly deleted messages on the latest version of the app for desktop, iOS, and android. This feature is particularly helpful in situations where users might accidentally select the “delete for me” option instead of “delete for everyone” which can lead to some embarrassing situations.

This feature gives users a few seconds to undo a “delete for me” message after it has been deleted, allowing them to retrieve the deleted message quickly. This means that if a user accidentally deletes a message, he or she can use the undo option to quickly retrieve the deleted message.

The feature was announced by Will Cathcart, the Head of WhatsApp, on Twitter, who stated that the feature was added to help users retrieve messages that were accidentally deleted. This feature is aimed to improve the user experience by providing more flexibility and control over message deletion. It is available to all users on the most recent version of the app for desktop, iOS, and android.


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