Its your responsibility to think about those who loved you and those loved by you. Life insurance helps to provide financial stability and security to your family when they need the most.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] few friends from US asked me about the best insurance companies in the US to get a health insurance for themselves. So today I am listing top 5 insurance companies of the United States that have a vast number of satisfied customers.

Here is a list of these Insurance companies:
I have listed all the insurance companies on the basis of their sales revenue.

1) MetLife:
metlife-inc-logoList of Top 5 Insurance Companies in U.S (United States)Metlife has the biggest revenue sales in the United States. According to the latest statistics MetLife has $53.7 billion of Sales revenue in the United States. MetLife is the preferred choice of most of the Americans over the current Insurance companies working in the United States. You can visit their website and see their insurance plans by clicking here.

2) Prudential Financial:
prudentialPrudential Financial is the second biggest insurance company in the United States of America. They have revenue sales of around $43 billion. This company has been serving the US citizens for more than 100 years. They are not only operating in the US, but they have a huge number of customers in Asia,Europe and Latin America. Visit Prudential Financial website by clicking here.

3) New York Life Insurance:
NYL logo FB ImageHere’s the number 3 insurance company on our list i.e, New York Insurance company. New York life insurance has sales revenue of more than $39 billion, according the current statistics. This is one of the oldest insurance companies working in the US. The New York Life Insurance started their operations in US 167 years ago i.e., since 1845. This company also owns loyal customers having full trust of their life insurance companies. Visit New York Life Insurance and view their insurance plans by clicking here.

tiaa-crefTIAA CREF is on our fourth number in the list of top 5 US insurance companies that’s because of their sales revenue in the United States. TIAA CREF has around $37 billion sales revenue in the United States. The company is busy in providing their services to the US citizens since 1918. To know more about TIAA CREF and to view their different insurance plans click here.

5) Massachusetts Life Insurance:
Mass-mutual-life-insuranceMassachusetts Life Insurance got last position in the list of top 5 insurance companies working in the United States. The company started their services in 1851. Thus, this is also one of the oldest insurance company of the United States. Mass Mutual has sales revenue of $25 billion. Get information about all their plans here.

Our list of Top 5 Insurance companies of US ends here. Now it’s your decision which company will you prefer to take an insurance policy for yourself.


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