Latin American Group Hacked American App Magazine


On 3 September 2013,An American Technical magazine is being hacked by a Latin American group as a protest against system.Black team security posted an anti-governmental message,after spoiling the website of App Developer Magazine. Relativo a hacker, took responsibility for attack on website and he also express his gratitude to other Black Team Security members.

The hacker posted on hacked and spoiled webpage that,“Only the people save the country,Fk system, Fk the government, we are coming after you & Hacking is not a crime.”

The cyber-activist crew said that magazine defacement(means an attack on website that change appearance of  webpage) is a part of bigger movement.The Hactivist says that they will fight for “less corruption and more democracy.”

Black Team Security Leader said that, “Already know that we are a family and I hope that our group continues to grow,”

The website of the US monthly publication was still offline. Hacker are still able to modify content of website,however  HotForSecurity warns viewers that the page might later be loaded with malware.



Black Team Security Leader Said “Hacking is not a crime”




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