Rihanna was asked to leave Abu Dhabi mosque


After posing outside the building a vulgar photoshoot Pop star Rihanna was asked to leave a famous Abu Dhabi mosque complex. Rihanna performed live in the capital of the United Arab Emirates on Saturday.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, said that she was asked to leave because of “inappropriate pictures” were taken.

The photos does not comply  with” terms and conditions” of organized visits. The mosque is a major tourist attraction and had more than three million visitors last year, and mosque is very pure and honorable place for muslims.

The officials of mosque said Rihanna, first arrived “at an entrance that was not designated for visitors”.

“She was confronted by the mosque officials and directed to the appropriate entrance to the mosque, to carry out a visit under the normal conditions.”

She was asked to leave after making  a series of poses for the photo shoot.

The statement claimed Rihanna turned up at the mosque “without any previous co-ordination with the administration”.

Several of the photos could be construed as suggestive, with one showing the pop star lying on her back in the mosque’s courtyard.




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