Copying posts of One Blog to another Blog


Copying posts of One Blog to another Blog

The conventional method of copying and pasting from one blog to another blog is just copy the content of first blog to another blog by creating a new post in the blogger. However this does not work usually because it results to deactivate you googl addseness account.  But if you focus on Blogger only, there is HTML behind every blog post,  just copy paste the HTML of the post and create new post and paste that copied HTML of Blogger 1.


and if you want to copy all your posts from one blogger to another blogger All you need to do is to login in your first Blogger account and Click on edit HTML of the blogger and copy the whole content of the blogger that is being copied. Then login to your Blogger No 2 Create a new post in the Blogger  No 2 and paste that HTML code that was coppied from the Blogger No 1. You may delete the comments and other unwanted material by watching the HTML code at the end just back space all comments before posting it in to the new Blogger.


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