Amazing Bathroom Accessories

LED heat sensitive shower

The bathroom is a place where the most important life decision is made. So bathroom should be comfortable. Here are most amazing bathroom accessories, which everyone wants to be in his house:

LED Heat Sensitive Shower Light:

Now you’re not going to burn with hot water!!! The LED Heat sensitive shower emits blue light when water is cold and turns to red light when water is hot or at 89 degrees, so now you can aware of hot water, this is very useful no doubt!!

LED heat sensitive shower

iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder: 

You can now listen music even in the bathroom, The wall-mounted holder has four “integrated high performance moisture-free speakers” and charges your iPod while it’s in the dock. The two front speakers fold out to provide the knobs on which to place your bathroom’s toilet paper.

iCarta iPod Toilet tissue holder

Nose Shower Gel Dispensor:

A Nose shower gel dispenser is a funny and unique way of keeping a Gel in your washroom.

Nose shower gel dispensor

Waterproof Notepad:

As I mention before that most important decisions are made in the bathroom, similarly during shower you remember a lot of important tasks to do, this waterproof notepad helps you to write them down.

waterproof notepad

How to Minimize Water Usage:

If any of your family member take a long time while taking shower or use excessive amount of water. Or if you’re paying higher bills of water usage, then this accessory might be helpful for you. This green water curtain has spikes, these spikes inflate slowly due to steam and moisture. The longer time you take to shower, the spikes will get harder. So these spikes poked you and you are forced to leave the washroom early.

water shower curtain


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