Will My Laptop & Tablet Converge Into One Device?

Ten years ago, phones were simple. We made regular voice calls without the fancy ringtones or voice-activated controls. As technology advanced, the mobile phones developed into a smarter, all-in-one device that could fit in your pocket. These days, the number of gadgets used every day continuously grows and it won’t be long before laptops and tablets undergo the same transformation. “The problem is that we’re juggling multiple devices in our daily lives,” said Rob Deline, Marketing Director of Intel’s PC Client Division. “There’s times where we need to be productive and there’s times when we want to kick back and snack. And the convergence of tablet and laptops is an ideal convergence for something that we’re calling Ultrabook Convertibles.”

When Intel’s engineers designed the Ultrabook Convertible, they sought to create a world where voice, touch, and gesture capabilities of tablets work in the PC realm. With a touch-enabled interface, touch-optimized applications, and a full-size keyboard, Convertibles offer the best of all worlds. As you can see it takes just seconds to convert your laptop to a tablet using the Lenevo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook convertible. 


“We’re at the very edge of the next frontier,” said Deline. “With the industry reigniting and getting really excited about the new capabilities, when we exit 2020, we’re going to look back to our laptops of today and go, ‘Wow, those were dinosaurs.’”

In the video below, Deline unveils the revolutionizing features of the Ultrabook Convertible and what it means for the world of innovation.

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