Umer Akmal Suffered Epileptic Fit


Umer Akmal- An awesome batsman/wicket-keeper suffered an epileptic fit during a flight to Jamaica and before going to home spent a night in hospital. He is an outstanding batsman, his career is on peak now-a-days. He had been playing for Barbados Tridents in the ongoing Caribbean League after Pakistan’s recent tour to the West Indies.

According to some relative, during this incident his Physio was with him who took him to the hospital as a precaution the same official will be travelling with him to Dubai.

His family said that,Doctors in West Indies announce that he is out of danger.

umer akmal

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) replaced him with wicket-keeper/batsman Sarfraz Ahmed. PCB said that due fitness problem Umer Akmal had been called back. Initially Local media announced that Umer was suffering from back problemsPCB was unaware of his epileptic fitNow he will go through a complete medical examination till then PCB proposed another wicket-keeper.


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