INDIA :A Shameless Fact – So Called Safe Country,But Can’t Protect Their Women


In India gang-rape is so common,recently five men brutally raped a woman photographer in India’s  most famous city Mumbai.This sad incident occur to a 23-year old woman who was doing a magazine story on old buildings along with a male colleague in central upmarket district of Mumbai.”They beat up man and tied him up,brutally raped the woman in a secluded part of the Shakti Mills area”. That woman is in city hospital for treatment,she identified two people by their names,which she heard when they are calling each other. Officially hospital has not announced about victim injuries.

The events like gang-rape,baby-girl abortion and sexual abuse of women is so common in INDIA.In December 22 year girl raped by five men in moving bus,a case has been registered but still no one is arrested.This latest event occur in one of the safest cities of  India,which is extremely disappointing.

India-mumbai rape protest


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