How to Stop being Jealous.


There are several ways due to which you got jealous,which damaged your physical as well as mental health. Jealousy is most common in teenage girls and in professional life.Take a deep breath and just remember that it’s their life not your’s,so be patient and don’t tensed, remember that God is with you.


1) Identify that feeling which makes you jealous:You may feel jealous when:

  • A guy/girl you love is hanging out with other person and neglecting you.
  • Second marriage of your parents(mother/father),and they are spending more time with new partner.
  • Your best friend seems happy to spend time with someone else.


2) Build your self-confidence by your inner strength: Jealousy usually happens due to insecurity,low self-confidence and self-esteem.You may have fear of rejection by someone you love most.

  • The best way to build your confidence is make your own decision and stand by them.Or if you fail don’t blame your self  because confident people when get abandoned,they doesn’t tear them apart and they know people are short-sighted.

3) Avoid Comparing yourself with others: Everyone have his own life,traits,qualities and skills.

  • Instead of focusing your negative qualities focus on your positive qualities and skills and try to enhance them.

4) Don’t Expect Too Much: Too much expectation also lead you to the negative way.It also hurts the relationships.

5) Stop Imagining Bad things about the person you jealous of: When ever person get jealous he starts anticipating bad things about that person,don’t do that.


6)Be trusting:If you get jealous easily, you’ve probably had your trust broken in the past. Just stop thinking about your past and try to live in present . Look at the person who’s making you jealous. Has this person ever given you a reason not to trust him/her?

  • Deeply analyze the life you spent with the person.If that person has never disappointed you,then you need to assume the best about that person.
  • If someone repeatedly hurts you,move on!! because you deserve better..!!

7) Think optimistically about others: Be positive..!!


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