Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that is used to cover medical expenses,financial default of travel suppliers,and other losses happened during traveling,either within ones own country or internationally.Usually travel insurance is arranged at the time when trip is booked so that to cover exact duration of that trip.The  most common types of risk caused during traveling are:

  • Medical expenses caused by some serious accident.
  • Cancellation of  trip due to some emergency reasons.
  • Accidental death or injury and overseas funeral expenses.
  • Loss of personal document and luggage.
  • Missing flight due to air line schedule.
  • Travel delay due to whether.

travel insurance

Types Of Travel Insurance:

There are four main types of Travel insurance

  1. Medical Coverage
  2. Trip Protection
  3. Luggage Protection
  4. Delay Coverage

Medical Coverage: It is a type of travel insurance in which if any injury or sickness caused during trip then expenses are afforded by insurance companies.Also if you are dead during trip because of sudden accident,your overseas funeral expenses are also paid by them.With all medical policies,it is necessary to check their rules and pre-existing conditions

Trip Protection: Due to some reason i.e death or sickness of your family member,or some sudden illness of yourself you have to cancel the trip.Then your flight expenses can be recovered.

Delay Coverage: If due to whether the flight is delayed then your hotel booking expenses can be recovered.

Luggage Protection:During the trip if your personal documents,money or luggage is lost or stolen,then all expenses are recovered.Usually in luggage protection company is not responsible for coverage of expenses that are caused because of damaged during flight.Or may be some of your personal stuff is so expensive so that company is not able to recover.Therefore it is necessary to read all terms and conditions defined by the policies of company.


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