Tile – World’s Smallest Lost & Found Gadget


The world’s new technology,Tile is a brand new revolutionary device that provides users to attach small square device to track your stuff that misplaced easily for example: laptop, documents, luggage, keys, purses, bikes, pets etc. When item lost or disappear suddenly tile app signal their location by approximately up to 150 feet away.The app has range bars that increase or decrease according to the increase and decrease in distance from the tiled object.When user is near the Tiled object(lost object) it generate a sound so that user can easily found where the object is.Tiles currently not operated with android platform.

tile-new-technologyIf someone lost his phone,then he can also activate tile search from anyone phone,because tile users have Clouds account,and they can log on or activate a tile search.

Another advantage to Tile app is that if your lost item is out of your own 150 feet range,but within the range of any other person’s tile app,then you’ll get automatic tip without watching the personal information of that person.It means that if large number of person start using tile app than,then the range over which lost item are found is increased automatically and is limitless.

Here is a video that help you understand working of Tile:


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