Princess Diana Wanted to marry Hasnat Khan,her friend Jemima Khan Declared


The Jemima khan friend of Princess Diana confess that: Princess Diana was “so madly in love”  with Hasnat khan that “She wanted to marry him even if she have to live in Pakistan”

In a Vanity Fair interview titled, ‘The Grandmother Prince George Never Knew’, Jemima says that during fundraising trips to Lahore Princess Diana dated Hasnat khan the Pakistani heart surgeon from 1995 until 1997. Imran khan was ex-husband of Jemima and is the distant cousin of Hasnat khan.


Jemima says that Diana always had wanted to know that how hard it has been for me to adapt life in Pakistan.She also revealed that during fundraising trips of Imran khan hospital,Princess Diana came to visit Pakistan twice,and both times she went to meet his(Hasnat khan) family secretly.

Hasnat Khan belongs to a Pushtun family,its something awful for pushtun mother to send his son England for higher studies and he came back with  English birde,Jemima said.


Many friends of Diana said that Diana ended relationship because surgeon refused to marry her,but according to Rosa Monckton,Hasnat was the one who commence the break-up.She has also said that Diana’s relation with “Dodi Al Fayed” was only to make Hasnat jealous.
Further Jemima said that:”Hasnat was a decent and traditional man belongs to conservative Pakistani family,and he was worried about how it would work,and he also hated the thought of being in the glare of publicity for the rest of his life.”



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