Top 10 Best DSLR Cameras For Professionals


Compiled just for the big boys (and girls) of professional photography, the following list of 10 DSLRs may be pricier but they certainly do no less than produce stunning and, of course, professional results.

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10. Nikon D7000

An excellent option for professionals looking for a DSLR that’s relatively cheaper, the D7000 guarantees to deliver on practically all counts, especially since it incorporates one of Nikon’s best shooting design to date.


$799.99 to $1,130.95

9. Nikon D4

 Most photography pros tend to stick to that one camera brand simply because they feel most comfortable with it. The D4 is perfect for Nikon loyalists who are not only looking for standout qualities and features but also the fastest body there is.


$5,199 to $5,999.99

8. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

An upgrade from the Mark II, the EOS 5D Mark III comes with a more streamlined shooting design and despite the heftier price tag, you can be assured that you’ll be getting better performance and a feature set that’s been upgraded with more configuration options.


$2,600 to $3,499.99

7. Nikon D800

The D800 boasts a massive fan base of professional non-sports photographers and with its relatively streamlined shooting design, speedy performance and the guarantee of photos and videos of great quality, it definitely isn’t any wonder why.


$2,299.99 to $3,084.95

6. Canon EOS 7D

Another midrange DSLR in the list, the EOS 7D has proven to be a DSLR with some serious bang for bucks – includes excellent features such as flexible autofocus system, streamlined interface and wireless flash control.


$1,014.99 to $2,198.03

5. Nikon D600

If you’re willing to invest in a couple of lenses, you’ll find that the D600, with its great set of shooting features, practical and comfortable design, and excellent performance, will make for a worthy photography companion.


$1,759.99 to $1,999.99

4. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Even though it’s not quite up there as the Mark III – definitely cheaper, though – the EOS 5D Mark II still performs superbly and delivers great quality photos and videos; qualities that a professional model of DSLR should have.


$1,639 to $2,707.20

3. Nikon D300S

One of the better DSLRs out there, the D300 is sturdy, flexible, functional and practical. It is, however, more suitable for those who need or want the burst speed function or an improved low-light focus.


$1,269 to $2,543.90

2. Olympus E-3

The design of the E-3 is certainly unique and may need some getting used to but other than that, this particular Olympus model proves to be a fierce contender in the mid-range DSLR competition given the fact that it’s a fast performer, produces photos of excellent quality and has a body that’s not only dust- but also splash-proof.



1. Canon EOS 5D

If you’ve long lusted for a DSLR with a full frame – a frame of 35 mm film – sensor and has an incredibly low noise then the EOS 5D is the one for you. But to ensure that you’re getting the best out of this pretty top-notch DSLR, you might want to shell out a little more on top-notch lenses as well.



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