Top 10 Best Robots of The Year 2012


2012 was the year of technological revolutions that brought many amazing robots in front of the world. No doubt, it was a revolutionary year for robotics industry and opened the doors for further research and advancements in year 2013. With the advancements in technology and especially in artificial intelligence, the long list of amazingly created robots is increasing. Here is a list of top 10 robots that grabbed the attention of the world during 2012.

10. Sand Flea

Sand Flea
Boston Dynamics has completed many projects for United States’ army. Here is a new robot named Sand Flea by Boston Dynamics that has offered special attraction for kids. Weighing 30 pounds only, this robot cannot only be driven as a car but also it is capable to jump 30 feet in the air when required. Most interesting feature is that it can leap 30 storey building just like a human being.

9. PhantomX

Giving someone robot as a gift is unique idea. With six arms or legs, the idea of this robot is taken from a spider, as it resembles it. Among many robots, this is the only one that got some sexiest moves for dancing as well.

8. Furby

Furby is another amazing robot that resemble owl. It is not only a robot but also a good toy to play with. It not only replies when you touch it but also loves to dance on K-pop. It is an amazing robot will keep your kid busy and entertained.

7. RHex Rough-Terrain Robot

Boston Dynamics is well known for manufacturing robots that deal with all circumstances. Boston Dynamics has introduced a new robot called RHex Rough-Terrain that is not only useful but also cute in look. This six-legged robot has the ability to move on rough and tough surfaces due to powerful controlled legs. It also has the ability to work in rainy conditions.


Did you ever think of a dancing robot? If no then here is an amazing robot for you named Charli. It can dance for 24 hours a day, seven days a week to entertain you.


In addition to Sand Flea and the world’s fastest robot Cheetah, here is a new one from Boston Dynamics; Petman. This robot has many features that a human can perform such as climbing stairs, walking, crawling and doing push-ups.

4. Honda ASIMO

Honda ASIMO is an amazing innovation in the world of robots. It looks exactly like an astronaut. You can dress her with any uniforms and it will give you nearly exact resemblance to the entity of that particular field. With smart little hands and flexibility of knees, you may be deceived between a robot and human.

3. Cheetah

Cheetah, as the name indicates is a robot that looks like a real cheetah. It has four legs and can run at a speed of 18 miles per hour. It is not only a fast running robot but it also has the capability to lift thousands of kilograms of weight. Funded by DAPRA, this robot can win the race against world’s fastest runners.

2. Curiosity Rover

Members of the Mars Science Laboratory/ Curiosity team including rover drivers and scientists tests out  an engineering model of its next generation Mars rover dubbed "Curiosity" in the Dumont Dunes near Baker, California May 10, 2012.
Curiosity is considered as the super star robot of year 2012 because of its special features. This robot was set to Mars planet during NASA’s mission. This amazing robot worked wonders and apart from updating the software, it took pictures from red planet.

1. David

David is the name of a robot that is not launched yet, but has to come. Michael Fassbender stole the show with his presentation of DAVID, an android spaceship attendant in Prometheus. Looking almost exactly similar to a human being, this robot will surely revolutionize the bots industry.


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