Lego Big Daddy created by someone who never played BioShock


The great thing about Lego is that you can create everything if you’re creative enough. One keen Lego enthusiast from Finland has created a menagerie of MOCs (My Own Creations) including a Lego Samus Aran and a bust of Balin from The Hobbit.

But his latest creation will please Bioshock fans as it’s the iconic enemy in Bioshock: a Big Daddy. Weirdly enough, the creator hasn’t even played the Bioshock games or any modern video games for that matter, but he felt a Big Daddy was “coolness” defined with his steampunk-scuba suit look.


Originally, the Big Daddy was going to be built using Bionicle Lego parts as that’s what the creator had used with Samus Aran, but these didn’t work very well for the Big Daddy design. Instead, the legs and arms were built using Exo-Force bricks along with joints to make the Big Daddy more poseable. This proved to be a challenge though, as it was hard to make the limbs flexible enough without making them too thin.

The first part of the Big Daddy to be built was the head, which used a big ball piece held together between tubes and macaroni bricks. The creator feels the grid around the Big Daddy’s head is a bit too big, but he struggled to find an alternative way to create it. He also admits that the colors are off as he didn’t have any gold colored bricks–a Big Daddy is usually a bronze color rather than grey, but at least this build feels like the creators unique version of the character, rather than a direct copy. The drill is from the Rock Raiders sets and Big Daddy’s left hand even has the correct number of movable fingers.

This build might not be the most accurate reproduction of a Big Daddy, but he looks great and the fact that he is completely possible just makes it all the more desirable. All he needs now is a Lego little sister to look after.

Big Daddy from Bioshock 1 Big Daddy from Bioshock 2 Big Daddy from Bioshock 3 Big Daddy from Bioshock 4 Big Daddy from Bioshock 5 Big Daddy from Bioshock 6 Big Daddy from Bioshock 7 Big Daddy from Bioshock 8 Big Daddy from Bioshock 9 Big Daddy from Bioshock 10 Big Daddy from Bioshock 11 Big Daddy from Bioshock 12 Big Daddy from Bioshock 14 Big Daddy from Bioshock 15

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