Process : (100% work)

Note : Please don’t do anything with sxe and cs that is already installed in your drive.

1- Download CS for UCP

Torrent Setup is recommended

or       for CS 1.6 v23b

or      for CS 1.6 vLH

LongHorn does not needs to install UCP software!

(both works for UCP)


2- Download UCP version 7.8 Client

3- Install CS for UCP in another Drive (other then your previous one)

4- Now install UCP version 7.8. Following is the link that will guide you to install UCP.

(Note : During installation of UCP, Please uncheck “-Steam” )

5- On your desktop Elephent Icon – Click on it and open CS…

Enjoy !


Confus!oN <cnf.>


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