Get Synchronized Notes on All Android Devices using GNotes


Switching from one device to other device creates many problems. One is the taken notes migration. It is very painful if you have taken hundreds of notes. When I faced this problem I spend time for searching and testing different notes application. After a long search I found the GNotes which is the best application for getting Synced notes on all android devices. If you are using GNotes account then you can add and update your notes from there web interface which so useful feature I founded with this application.

GNotes is one of the best note apps for android that helps you to take and sync notes easily between your mobile devices, make your life organized and much more easier. It’s easy-to-use and free!

All notes you taken can be synchronize with Gmail or Google App Mail after you set your account.

GNotes lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, shopping lists, record voice memos, create handwriting, paint and so on, and you can search the note easily.

You can organize notes in notebooks/folders, drag and drop to move or delete note, pin the note to the home screen for instant access, share notes to other apps like Gmail, Google Plus, EverNote and so on.

Also, you can add notes via Gmail by sending the note content (include attachments) to your Gmail, and add the label “Notes” to the mail. It will be synced to your device next time you open GNotes. You can easily access your notes online, and you’ll never lose it!

You can backup or restore all your notes on/from SD card. Also you can copy the backup file to your PC and open with Browser.

Key Features: 
– synchronize notes with your Gmail
– organize notes by notebook/folder
– drag & drop to move note between notebooks/folders or delete note
– create checklist note for todo and shopping list
– insert data/time/bulk list with one click
– undo/redo the text content
– create photo note by take photo in app or just select photo from Gallery
– create voice and audio note
– create handwriting note
– create painting note
– take other kinds of file type notes
– pin / stick single note widget on homescreen
– customize kind and order of attachments type as you want
– set reminder for note
– set auto or manual sync, wifi sync only or not
– switch between list view and thumbnail view
– sort by creation time/modify time/alphabetical
– search all notes contents
– share with other apps on your phone
– lock /protect your notes data with pattern or pin

To sync with your Gmail, you need to set your Gmail account on the settings, then your notes will be synchronized to Gmail under the label ‘Notes’.

 App Screenshots

GNotes GNotes GNotes GNotes GNotes GNotes GNotes

Download: GNotes Click Here


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