After a decade Counter Strike 1.6 has released update while adding linux support

to the game there are some

February 14:

• Converted Half-Life to the new SteamPipe content system, for optimized delivery

of the game
• Added support for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
• Enabled Cloud support for save games
• Improved OpenGL rendering pipeline and output to leverage the capabilities in

todays GPU
• Improved support for in-game chat in non-latin languages

counter strike update
counter strike update

February 13 (Beta):

• Don’t create the SAVE/ folder on disk unless needed by a game
• Fixed extra temporary files from the save process not being cleared up
• Fixed empty chat messages being allowed
• Fixed using backspace when using say or say_team command with non latin characters
• Fixed mouse offset when running in fullscreen software mode
• Fixed copying text from the game console not getting the last couple of character when doing multiple lines

February 12 (Beta):

• Enabled fully localized chat in Counter-Strike 1.6
• Made keypad enter key submit a command in the game console
• Fixed extra keys causing the console to toggle when using a non-QWERTY keyboard
• Fixed maps list in New Games option not showing all available maps
• Removed cl_rate command, “rate” is the appropriate command to use
• Fixed crash when using alt-tab in software mode
• Fixed crash if you set a bind to an invalid engine key

February 11 (Beta):

• Added ability to override default content. Enable the “Allow custom addon content” option in the Video options dialog and then place that content in valve_addon (or cstrike_addon for CS 1.6 ). This overridden data has all the normal VAC and pure server rules as default content
• Content downloaded from servers now goes into a separate valve_downloads (or cstrike_downloads ) folder, so you can easily clean up unwanted files
• Updated Video options tab to better expose new configuration settings and remove unused ones
• Increased maximum allowed rate setting to 100,000
• Fixed in game chat not using correct characters when using non-US layout keyboards
• Fixed bot column in server browser to show the number of bot players (and not a random image)
• Fixed player column sorted in server browser
• Don’t lock the game to the first CPU on your machine under Windows
• Fixed loading config.cfg from the wrong path
• Fixed crash on joining server
• Fixed chat text showing previous line of text sometime in Counter-Strike 1.6
• Fixed fps_max to actually run at that framerate, not 1 less
• Fixed timing function used on Linux to better match system time, reducing frame time variability
• Fixed duck key not dismissing spectator UI in Counter-Strike 1.6
• Fixed cl_minmodels cvar sometimes not being applied

February 8 (Beta):

• Fixed a crash if you had invalid data for a key bind in your config.cfg
• Fixed a crash for older opengl drivers (ones without FBO support)
• Don’t quit the game if a server attempt to make you load an invalid model, just disconnect from the server
• Fixed crash on changelevel if save data was not available
• Fixed keypad period key not binding properly
• Fixed crash if you tried to manually force on D3D rendering mode (which is no longer available).
• Fixed hang on server connect if you fail to download some assets via HTTP

February 8 (Beta):

• Fixed auto-complete list in game console jumping 2 entries at a time
• Fixed keypad enter not being a key you could bind in the Options dialog
• Fixed mouse wheel up/down not showing in the binding Options dialog
• Fixed Low Violence mode being applied incorrectly
• Made Condition Zero models being used in Counter-Strike 1.6 (if you own Condition Zero) optional and controlled by the HD Models check box in the Options Video tab.

February 7 (Beta):

• Fixed viewdemo command crashing when run
• Fixed screenshot command crashing
• Fixed HD model packs not loading if available and enabled
• Fixed crash on launch if your graphics cards didn’t support FBO’s
• Fixed crash on launch under SELinux
• Fixed assorted crashes in Counter-Strike 1.6 due to bad string checks

February 6 (Beta):

• Fixed crash when spectating players
• Fixed config files being written to the wrong folder, they are now always saved to the directory of the mod you are running. For Half-Life 1 this is “valve” and for Counter-Strike 1.6 this is “cstrike”. You may lose some settings from this transition if you changed your configuration in the last couple of days
• Don’t unpause the game when dismissing the Steam overlay if the game was already paused
• Allow mouse sensitivity to go down to 0.2 (from the previous floor of 1.0)
• Fix say and say_team commands using wrong characters on non-US keyboard layouts

February 5 (Beta):

• Fixed alt-tab not working correctly, the game window is no longer forced on top
• Added “cl_mousegrab” cvar, if set to 0 then the game will not grab the mouse. This may be needed to enable alt-tab with some Linux window managers. You can also add “-nomousegrab” to your command line to disable mouse grabbing.
• Fixed error on launch loading mss32.dll under Windows
• Fixed hang on startup causing a black screen to display on OS X and Linux
• Update Server Browser display to match behavior of Source engine products

February 4 (Beta):

• Fixed keyboard options dialog showing incorrect key names on non-QWERTY keyboards
• Fixed crash when typing in certain unicode characters
• Fixed voice chat sometimes not transmitting properly
• Allowed the toggleconsole command to be properly rebound

February 1:

• Added option to disable use of HD model packs in Video tab of options dialog
• Fixed mp_fadetoblack not applying after a flashbang is thrown (Counter-Strike)
• Fixed fullscreen software mode rendering incorrectly
• Added cl_min_t and cl_min_ct convar to let you control the model used when cl_minmodels is set, the value of the cvar is the model index to use (Counter-Strike)

January 31:

• Fixed fans not rotating after being in a level for more than a few minutes
• Added “-nofbo” command line option to let you disable using the new method for rendering
• Added “-nomsaa” to let you disable MSAA effects being applied to the games output, setting “-nofbo” also implies “-nomsaa”.
• Fixed not doing the HTTP fast download path if you canceled a download and then reconnected to the same server
• Fixed drowning damage being applied after respawn in some cases
• Fixed malicious clients being able to upload certain new files to servers
• Fixed some scripts sounds not playing

January 30:

• Made save games cross platform
• Fixed crash when changing video modes under windows
• Removed support for A3D sounds from the engine, this API is not functional on current Windows OS releases
• Removed legacy D3D renderer, assorted OpenGL improvements in the beta make this older API not supportable
• Enabled hud_fastswitch on mouse wheel movement for Counter-Strike

January 29 (Beta):

• Fixed game icon not showing in window title bar and/or dock
• Fixed OK button on Half-Life 1 deathmatch MOTD not being selectable if you ran in a non 4:3 resolution
• Added support for fast HTTP download when getting server assets for Linux and OSX
• Changed full screen render to fall back to changing the desktop resolution if it fails to create and offscreen FBO (useful on older video cards)
• Fixed crash if a game asked to play a sound with a volume that was too high
• Fixed rare crash on startup due to thread race conditions


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