15+ Impressive Android Phones Wallpaper

android sinking under water

Android is Linux based operating system designed for touch-screen mobiles.Now-a-days android phones are very popular in market,due to launch of android phone and its success in market,the “smartphone war” begins between different technology companies.

Recently,there has been large shift of power  between android and IOS. One major difference between them is versatility.Android has more free apps than IOS.. Android OS is an amazing operating system which allows the consumer to have many choices in version number, phone type, apps and security.

Here are impressive  and amazing android phones wallpaper which makes your smart phone screen refreshing and beautiful.

Sinking Under Water :

android sinking under water

Android Icon Under Umbrella:

android icon under umbrella

Apple vs Android:

apple vs android wallpaper

Cute Android Icons:

cute android icons

Android Beating Apple:

android vs apple

Joker Wallpaper:


A perfect look of Android success in market:

android killing apple wallpaper

Impressive technology wallpaper:

awsome look of technology

Future Smartphone:

android isf uture

Refreshing Blue Android Wallpaper:

cool-blue android wallpaper

I Love Android Phone Wallpaper:

best android phone wallpapers

Technology HD Wallpaper:

balls android wallpaper

Impressive Wallpaper:

android wallpapers

Refreshing Blue Wallpaper:

refreshing wallpaper

Perfect Maroon Wallpaper:

maroon android wallpaper

Robotic Android Wallpaper:

android robotic wallpaper


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