People are asking me to give dota2 keys for free. So I decided to give away some keys. If you own already a dota2 key and you want to invite your friend to play. You can post here your friends STEAM ID or STEAM ID email address.  There is no restriction of already one game purchased from steam. 😀 Have fun an play hard to go pro.  If you don’t know what DOTA is you probably don’t want it. Just close this tab. xD:

Comment here your email id: I will give dota2 key to all of you who will comment here.



    • wtf i am really sorrry my internet bugged and said no of these post were send , so i tried again now all of the trieys are there sorry

  1. hello! i am a dota player and i want play dota2 too,can you give me a dota2 keys,me steam id is ” xazck”, Thank you!


    STEAM_0:0:62414177 / steamID64 : 76561198085094082 /

    i really like this game. Please !!! my Thanks !!!


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