Hi all,

I’ve got 10x DOTA2 keys available on steam to whoever wants them, one per person. If you don’t know what DOTA is you probably don’t want it 

Yep, just having plenty of Dota 2 beta gifts lying around. I’ll be giving out 5 Dota 2 gifts for those who don’t have it yet.
Just reply with your email of your Steam account here and I’ll send it asap. First come first serve. Also, please redeem it within 2-3 days or I’ll choose the next person on the queue to send it.

Although Chinese players can’t redeem this gift normally, you can use a VPN at anytime.
First of All Hit Like Buttons Shown Below.

Dota 2
Dota 2

*Note:-  This is a restricted gift which can not be redeemed in these countries: China

Dota 2 10 Gifts
Dota 2 10 Gifts

You’ll need a steam account account to play it.

First ten replies from people get them.


  1. Hi all, reply with your email and steam ID, I will give you dota2 key to first ten persons, be fast to reply

    • [email protected]

      steam id : yongfajardo

  2. hey man my email is [email protected]
    steam id : guilscotti
    can you please give me a key?

  3. email: [email protected]
    steam id: gatovoco
    if i get a key i would be really happy bro :3

  4. steam ID: xtianxd1
    email: [email protected]

    i really need to give it to my friends. they’re all excited to play. thank you so much!!

  5. plz plz send me a invite: steam id :ragnarok135
    or mail me [email protected]

  6. i want one ths. email:[email protected]

  7. [email protected]

  8. username: raees813
    [email protected]

    • Do you have one more? [email protected]

  9. username: rainclust42
    email:[email protected]

  10. do you have anymore? 😀 [email protected]

  11. [email protected]
    Steam ID: bulletworm


  12. do you have anymore???
    steam id: syker111
    email : [email protected]

  13. id:no875

    mail:[email protected]

    i need a key which no limit for china…..

  14. Email : [email protected]

    Steam Id : hard2beat666

  15. Please need a Dota 2 key. [email protected]

  16. [email protected]

    [email protected]

  17. [email protected]

  18. Email [email protected]
    ID 214725505
    Please I need a key sir 🙂

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